In principle individual approach to each student, consistent with its current level of knowledge and skills, will be integrated with framework theme: music for violin of J.S.Bach, W.A.Mozart and composers of Romantic period. Compositional practice for violin will be the starting point for theoretical and practical part of teaching. In the theoretical part of lessons will be analyzed selected pieces, while in the practical part will be work on acquiring of specific practical skills, which are derived from the techincal and interpretative requests of compositions.

Evgenia-Epshtein-2 Evgenia Epshtein (Croatia) is a professor of violin at the Arts Academy Split. She was born in Russia but immigrated to Israel in 1990. She graduated at the Tel Aviv Academy of Music and received her Master Degree at the Rotterdam Royal Academy. She also took part in the masterclases of Isaak Srern, Henry Mayer and Zkhar Bron. As the co-founder and member of the famous Aviv string quartet, Evgenia Epshtein is a winner of numerous awards (Melbur International Chamber music competition, Bordaux String quartet competitionSchubert and ModernityPrague spring competition…). She has performed as a soloist with orchestra in Croatia, Austria, Hungary. She often holds masterclasses throughout Croatia and abroad (Czech Republic, France).