Regarding the closer overview of the overall guitar literature, lessons will concentrate on the chosen guitar compositions (according to the technical and interpretation level of the participants), and within the meaning of this, the detail technique of the right and left hand will be analysed along with elements of interpretation as well as applying  them on particular music themes. In  practical lessons special attention will be devoted  to work on choosing optimal fingering.


Assoc. prof. Maroje Brčić (Croatia), a guitar professor at the Arts Academy in Split, graduated at the Music Academy in Zagreb (in the class of prof. Darko Petrinjak). He performs actively in Croatia, European countries and the United States of America. He encouraged many composers to write music for guitar (Brkanović, Klobučar, Juranić…) and  has won significant art rewards (Milka TrninaOrlando). He regulary holds masterclasses and lectures and participates in juries at croatian and international competitions. His working interest is writing about interpretation and guitar playing technique.