Information for partner institutions

Signing an Erasmus+ Inter-institutional Agreement

Mobility within Erasmus+ for studies and teaching assignments require an Inter-institutional Agreement. If you are interested in signing an Agreement with the University of Split (Arts Academy), please contact the Erasmus+ coordinator of the Arts Academy in Split:

Sagita Mirjam Sunara, PhD, Associate Professor
Vice-Dean of Arts, Science, International Collaboration and ECTS

The Agreement will only be signed if the mobility is feasible, both academically and practically.


Nominating students for Erasmus+ mobility for studies

Information about the process of nominating students for their stay abroad at the University of Split (UNIST) can be found on this link.

Nomination deadlines (for student mobility coordinators):
Autumn/winter semester: May 15th
Spring/summer semester: October 15th

Deadlines for submitting application materials (for students):
Autumn/winter semester: June 1st
Spring/summer semester: November 1st
ALL materials must be submitted by the appropriate deadline (this includes the materials required by the Arts Academy in Split).


General information about the University of Split (Arts Academy)

Name and address of the institution:
University of Split
Ruđera Boškovića 31
HR – 21000 Split

Arts Academy in Split
Zagrebačka 3
HR – 21000 Split

Erasmus code: HR SPLIT01

State: Croatia

Institutional Coordinator:
Ana Ćosić
Head of the International Relations Office of the University of Split
Tel: +385 21 440 343
Fax: +385 21 440 344

Departmental coordinator:
Sagita Mirjam Sunara, PhD, Associate Professor
Vice-Dean of Arts, Science, International Collaboration and ECTS; Erasmus+ and CEEPUS coordinator
Tel: +385 21 360 178
Fax: +385 21 344 043

Academic calendar:
Autumn/spring semester usually starts at the end of September, and lasts until the end of February. (Teaching period ends in late January, and is followed by the winter examination period.)
Spring/summer semester starts at the beginning of March, and lasts until mid-July. (Teaching period ends in the first half of June, and is followed by the summer examination period.)
Link to the academic calendar: Arts Academy in Split + University of Split

Other important notices:
The start and end date of the mobility period must match the duration of the semester(s) at the Arts Academy in Split.
In order to get a grade from a course, the student has to regularly attend lectures/classes and take an appropriate exam during the examination period.
If a student decides to terminate his/her mobility before the end of the teaching period, he/she will NOT get a Transcript of Records.