About department

The Visual Culture and the Fine Arts program has, over more than six decades of development, been part of various higher education institutions of the University of Split and since its foundation has been one of the focal points of artistic and humanistic creativity in the city and region. Based on the foundations of the human and creative potential of this study pogram, several departments were established within the Art Academy in Split, which, in 1997, became the Visual Culture and Fine Arts Department.

Teaching staff:

  • Edvin Dragičević, Full Professor
  • Gloria Oreb, PhD, Associate Professor
  • Dunja Pivac, PhD, Associate Professor
  • Slobodan Tomić, Associate Professor
  • Maja Zemunik, Associate Professor
  • Petar Katavić, Assistant Professor
  • Daniela Matetić Poljak, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Lana Stojićević, Assistant Professor
  • Doroti Brajnov Botić, PhD, Senior Lecturer
  • Barbara Gaj Ristić, PhD, Senior Lecturer
  • Tea Katunarić Kirjakov, Senior Lecturer
  • Ita Praničević Borovac, PhD, Senior Lecturer
  • Duško Violić, Senior Lecturer
  • Ivana Vukušić, Lecturer

Teachers from other departments:

  • Goran Balić, Assistant Professor
  • Mirko Pivčević, Associate Professor
  • Dragan Dužević, Assistant Professor


  • Renata Martinec, PhD, Full Professor
  • Tomislav Franić, PhD, Associate Professor
  • Anna  Alajbeg, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Nikola Marangunić, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Branimir Mendeš, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Tea-Tereza Vidović Schreiber, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Ida Bugarić, Assistant
  • Ivona Pupačić, Assistant

Study Programs

Undergraduate Study Program

Students gain basic knowledge of visual expression through practical artistic work. It should be emphasized that the undergraduate program at the Visual Culture and Fine Arts Department is the only study program in which, besides a complete examination of the art history courses and courses in the field of visual arts theory, during all six semesters students attend and practice all basic visual-art disciplines.

Competences: graduates of the Visual Culture and Fine Arts Department can organize various professional courses in the fields of visual culture and the fine arts, work in journalism or as an animator of art culture in tourism, work as a drawer-documentarian, galleries and other specialized institutions.

Graduate Study Program

Entry Requirements: entrance exams for the Visual Culture and Fine Arts Department at the Arts Academy of the University of Split can be given to students who have completed undergraduate studies in Visual Culture and the Fine Arts and to those who have completed a similar undergraduate (or integrated) university study program in the Republic of Croatia.

Competences: a Master in Visual Arts Education can competently organize and perform the teaching of art training and education, visual art and the fine arts in elementary schools, secondary vocational schools and gymnasiums and can work as a museum or gallery educator. With the Master’s Degree in Visual Communication and the Fine Arts, according to their specialization (diploma supplement), graduates are also trained for independent exhibitions as artists in the fields of painting, sculpture and graphics. During their graduate studies, students are sensitized and partially trained for educational-therapeutic work in the field of visual art therapy with a population experiencing illness, trauma or some psychophysical difficulties, in children and in retiree homes, hospitals and in specialized schools, i.e. institutions of an educational-rehabilitative character.

The professional or academic title or degree acquired at the completion of the study program: Masters in Visual Culture and the Fine Arts.