About department

Our Vocal Department has close ties with the great singing tradition of the Split region, upon which our richly melodious Dalmatian heritage is based. Allied to this is the operatic work of the Croatian National Theatre and the Split Summer Festival. Indeed, a symbiotic relationship between vocal department and these institutions constitutes a unique characteristic of our study programme. In addition to regular workshops and seminars from renowned visiting guest lecturers, performance opportunities are boosted by student-led theatrical productions. 


  • Žana Marendić, Assistant Professor, Hari Zlodre, Full Professor, Terezija Kusanović, Assistant Professor, Zoran Velić, Senior Artistic Associate.
  • Vlado Sunko, Full Professor in Tenure, Ivana Tomić-Ferić, PhD, Full Professor, Alen Čelić, Associate Professor, Ivan Božićević, Assistant Professor, Vito Balić, PhD, Assistant Professor, Danijela Matetić-Poljak, PhD, Senior Lecturer, Katarina Akrap-Ćulum, Lecturer.


  • Ante Jerkunica, Artistic Associate,  Neda Aleksić, Artistic Associate, Elena Nikolaeva, Assistant Professor, Mate Akrap, Assistant Professor, Mirjana Nazor, PhD, Associate Professor, Morana Koludrović, , PhD, Associate Professor, Magdalena Nigoević, PhD, Full Professor, Anita Barač, Lecturer, Katarina Perišić-Lelić, Lecturer, Nenad Šiškov, Lecturer, Valentina Štrbac-Čićerić, Lecturer, Nives Tošić Kusanović, Artistic Associate,  Ana Stanković, Artistic Associate,  Aneta Gotovac, Assistant.

Study Programs

Solo Singing

Undergraduate Study Program

  • Duration: 8 semesters, 240 ECTS
  • Entry Requirements: passing the State Graduation Exam (Level B) and passing the entrance examination
  • Acquired title: University Bachelor’s Degree in Music

Graduate Study Program

  • Duration: 2 semesters, 60 ECTS
  • Entry Requirements: completed 8-semester undergraduate study program
  • Acquired title: Master’s Degree in Music