About department

The Music Education is the oldest section of the Music Department (the continuous history of which can be traced back to 1957). With the Fine Arts Department, it is the core of the Arts Academy in Split (1997). The study programs in music education/culture are accompanied by contemporary scientific, theoretical-educational and artistic achievements in the fields of music culture and art, and they are aimed at the education of cadres who will be active in the field of wider music culture and education. Formerly graduated students have made a large contribution to music culture, especially in southern Croatia, working in general educational primary and high school education, and contributing to music amateurism (working with klapa groups, amateur choirs, ensembles), and have won a multitude of prizes at national and international competitions. Graduated students have been successful as music arrangers, music program editors, organizers of music events, composers, and entertainers in popular music. A special feature of the study programs supported by the department is an accentuated ethnomusicological discourse, thanks to the academic interests of one group of professors and a close connection with the traditional musical sources in the artistic work of both teachers and students.


  • Vlado Sunko, Full Professor in Tenure, Ivana Tomić-Ferić, PhD, Full Professor, Blaženko Juračić, M.A., Associate Professor, Ivana Kenk Kalebić, Assistant Professor, Maja Milošević Carić, PhD, postdoctoral, Mirko Jankov, Assistant
  • Vito Balić, PhD, assitant Professor, Danijela Matetić-Poljak, PhD, Senior Lecturer, Mirjana Siriščević, PhD, Full Professor in Tenure, Hari Zlodre, Full Professor.


  • Vedrana Milin Ćurin, PhD, Associate Professor, Morana Koludrović, PhD, Associate Professor, Mirjana Nazor, PhD, Associate Professor, Mate Akrap, Assistant Professor, Ivan Korunić, Senior Lecturer, Dario Maleš, Senior Lecturer, Kosovka Čudina, Senior Lecturer, Nenad Šiškov, Lecturer, Katarina Perišić, Lecturer, Nives Tošić Kusanović, Artistic Associate, Valentina Štrbac-Čićerić, Artistic Associate, Anamarija Tadin, Expert Associate

Study Programs

Music Education

Undergraduate Study Program

  • Duration: 8 semesters, 240 ECTS
  • Entry Requirements: passing the State Graduation Exam (Level B) and passing the entrance examination
  • Acquired title: University Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education

Music Culture

Graduate Study Program

  • Duration: 2 semesters, 60 ECTS
  • Entry Requirements: completed 8-semester undergraduate study program
  • Title: Master’s Degree in Music Culture