Theatre Arts Department

The Department of Theatre Arts (with its Acting study program), founded in 2005, is the youngest Department of the Arts Academy in Split. Originally conceived to meet the demand for young actors and actresses in theaters along the Adriatic coast, the Acting study program was designed to gradually aid the personality development of each student, placing special emphasis on individuality and personal sensibilities in the process. In keeping with the traditional Croatian actor training practices, the study programs follow both classical and contemporary teaching methods thus putting program content selection in the context of the Mediterranean cultural milieu.

The Department’s faculty include distinguished artists, scientists and leading experts in their respective fields, awards winners recognized for their artistic and pedagogical work, being actively present on both national and international cultural scene.

Regular and effective collaboration with theatres in Split and across Dalmatia as well as active involvement in national festivals, city cultural institutions and independent art scene allow Arts Academy acting students to perform in a number of dramatic, musical theatre and film productions throughout their academic education landing them prestigious awards and acclaim.


Study programs


Undergraduate Study in Acting 
  • Duration: Eight semesters, 240 ECTS
  • Enrolment requirements: state graduation exam (Croatian Language and Foreign Language – A level, Mathematics – B level), Department of Theatre Arts entrance exam
  • Degree Award: Bachelor of Arts (baccalaureus) in Acting

Having completed their undergraduate degree, a Bachelor of Arts (baccalaureus) in Acting has the necessary skills to create roles and collaborate with all the creators of a particular artistic process in professional theatre, television and film production as well as alternative performance forms, in a wide range of genres and in accordance with the creative requirements of contemporary production practice.

The core actor training is done in groups of up to eight students emphasizing practical work (exercises). The study program also provides comprehensive education in the fields of literature, drama and theatre history, dramaturgy, Croatian language, phonetics, art history, psychology, sociology, foreign language and production accompanied by field work, workshops and meaningful extracurricular activities.

Teaching staff:

  • Petra Kovačić Botić​, Assistant Professor / Acting - Action / Building a Character
  • ​Goran Golovko, Full Professor / Acting - Style and Genre / Creating the Part
  • Bruna Bebić, Full Professor / Voice and Speech
  • Alen Čelić, Associate Professor / Movement / Acrobatics and Mime / Fencing / Mask and Mime
  • Almira Osmanović, Associate Professor / Dance Basics / Social Dances on Stage
  • M​ate Akrap, Assistant Professor / Music Expression / Musical Theatre Expression
  • Sanja Vulić Vranković, PhD, Full Profesor / Croatian Language with Phonetics / Croatian Language and Dialects
  • Matko Botić, PhD, Assistant Professor / Drama and Theatre History /​ Dramaturgy
  • Srećko Jurišić, PhD, Full Professor / Literature Studies
  • Inga Tomić Koludrović, PhD, Full Profesor / Introduction to Sociology / Sociology of Culture
  • Tatjana Aćimović, Associate Professor / Introduction to Art Production
  • ​Tea Katunarić Kirjakov, Senior Lecturer / Art History
  • Andrea Čvrljak, Senior Lecturer / Psychology 
  • Katarina Perišić Lelić, Lecturer / English Language
  • Nenad Srdelić, Assistant
  • Monika Vuco, Assistant
  • Davor Pavić, Assistant
  • Anja Ostojić, Assistant
  • Vana Bakalić, Assistant
  • Ana Donadini Jajac​, Expert Associate
  • Ana Marija Veselčić, Expert Associate
  • Slavena Verić, Expert Associate


Graduate Study in Acting
  • Duration: two semesters, 60 ECTS
  • Enrolment requirements: completed undergraduate study in Acting in the duration of eight semesters or a similar study program (performing arts) with at least 240 ECTS, Department of Theatre Arts Entrance Exam
  • Degree Award: Master in Acting

A Master in Acting is an accomplished creator of his/her own work drawing on historical and contemporary aspects of acting practice these being applied in harmony with one’s own (acting) self.

In addition to preparing an independent graduate artistic project with the help of a mentor (production and performance of a play including written thesis), the program offers an insight into the History of Acting and Directing, a specialist course Film and Video Acting and Directing as well as elective courses in the fields of Production and Psychodynamics of Creativity.

As a result of the collaboration between the Department and various theatres/independent theatre companies, the most successful graduation performances become part of their official repertoire.

Teaching staff:

  • Goran Golovko, Full Professor / Acting - Graduation Thesis, independent work with mentor
  • Bruna Bebić, Full Professor / Acting - Graduation Thesis, independent work with mentor
  • Alen Čelić, Associate Professor / Acting - Graduation Thesis, independent work with mentor
  • Petra Kovačić Botić, Assistant Professor / Acting - Graduation Thesis, independent work with mentor
  • Slobodan Jokić, Full Professor / Film and Video Acting and Directing
  • Matko Botić, PhD, Assistant Professor / History of Acting and Directing
  • Tatjana Aćimović, Associate Professor / Arts Project Development / Arts Project Management, elective courses
  • Andrea Čvrljak, Senior Lecturer / Psychodynamics of Creativity, elective course
  • Monika Vuco, Assistant
  • Davor Pavić, Assistant
  • Ana Donadini Jajac​, Expert Associate
  • Ana Marija Veselčić, Expert Associate
  • Anja Ostojić, Assistant
  • Slavena Verić, Expert Associate