The Music Department of the University of Split Arts Academy comprises 6 departments:

  • Music Pedagogy
  • Academic Studies (Music Theory) and Composition
  • Piano
  • Strings and Guitar
  • Wind Instruments
  • Voice

Within this structure study programmes are available in composition, academic studies (music theory), music pedagogy, piano, voice, violin, viola, cello, guitar, clarinet, flute and saxophone, exclusively to full-time students irrespective of their funding source and nationality. 

The music department employs 33 full-time professors and 25 external associates. The teaching is delivered through one-to-one lessons, seminars, lectures and mentoring. In addition, visits are organized by guest specialists from Croatia and abroad, to give lectures, masterclasses, concerts, workshops and performances. Students regularly participate in national and international competitions. The activities of the Music Department of Split Arts Academy reach out into the social life of the city and thereby contribute to shaping its distinct cultural identity. 

Undergraduate and Graduate Studies in the Music Department

In accordance with the European Higher Education quality guidelines, a Bachelor of Music (baccalaureus/baccalaurea) is awarded after a completion of undergraduate studies, and Master of Music after completion of graduate studies. 


General Information About Enrolment

Candidates who have completed a four-year high school diploma and passed our entrance test qualify to be admitted. Selection is based on an amalgamated percentage score from both the high school diploma and our entrance test. 

Special permission to apply can be granted to exceptionally gifted candidates even if they have not completed their high school requirements so long as they have completed their vocational studies. These candidates would be obliged to pass the outstanding school exams by the end of the second year of undergraduate studies. Please note that this dispensation is not available to those wishing to study music pedagogy, music theory or composition. 

Solfeggio (Aural Test) is a pre-selective part of the entrance test for all candidates, and there is a pre-selective composition paper for those applying to study composition. Candidates who do not score minimum points at pre-selection will not be able to proceed further with the entrance procedure.