The Academic Council is an expert body of the Academy which consists of:

  • dean
  • all full professors, associate professors, assistant professors and two representatives from the lecturers, senior lecturers, rehearsers and senior rehearsers, and two representatives from the assistants and senior assistants
  • 15% of students from the total number of members of the Academic Council

The Academic Council makes decisions on matters of importance in regard to teaching and artistic and scientific work. It initiates the decision-making process and is concerned with the implementation of curricula and manages the quality of the study program. It initiates and carries out the hiring process for art-teaching, academic-teaching, teaching and associate professions and in other relevant job positions. It chooses and dismisses the dean and approves the Statute of the Academy and other general acts. It also establishes the internal organization of the workplace and chooses representatives of the Academy for the bodies of the University. It passes the ethics code and examines and adopts the Dean’s annual report. It decides on matters of special interest to students and discusses financial statements and final accounts. It establishes committees in accordance with the Statute and cooperates with domestic and foreign institutions and organizations. It decides on publishing activities and provides its opinion on the acquisition, placement and use of capital equipment at the Academy.