Library Board

The Library Board is appointed by the Academic Council at the proposal of the Dean. The members of the Library Board are: Head of the Library and 3 representatives of teachers in scientific-teaching professions.

The Library Board proposes measures to develop and improve the work of the library, suggests the main acquisition policy of the library, proposes the dean’s procurement of foreign and domestic literature, establishes a proposal for the annual budget of the library, proposes the initiation of disciplinary proceedings for users who do not comply with the provisions of the Library Rules, suggests the deselection of materials, while also undertaking other activities relevant to the functioning of the library.

Members of Library Board:

  • Vedrana Milin Ćurin, viši pred.
  • Davorka Radica, doc.
  • mr. sc. Ita Praničević Borovac, viši pred.
  • Žana Siminiati Violić, voditeljica knjižnice