About department

The Piano study program is the earliest musical-instrumental study program at the Arts Academy in Split, and its continuous activity can be traced first within the framework of a branch of the Muisc Academy in Zagreb, to the independent department that this program supports at the Arts Academy. In addition to meeting the highest standards of artistic reproduction, which is confirmed by the numerous awards won by our students primarily at the state competitions of HDGPP and the specially honored role of the piano in various chamber ensembles, the study program devotes equal attention to the theoretical disciplines and competences needed for teaching/educational work in music schools, as the upbringing of future artistic collaborators (rehearsers). There is also a continuous presence of teachers from the department in numerous domestic and foreign concert juries.

Head of department:


  • Red.prof. Olga Cinkoburova, doc. Jadranka Garin, doc. Vesna Podrug, doc. Katja Repušić, Ivana Franceschi, v.pred., Mladen Grgić, v.korep.
  • Izv.prof.dr.sc. Davorka Radica, red.prof. (T) dr.sc. Mirjana Siriščević, izv.prof.dr.sc. Vedrana Milin Ćurin, doc.dr.sc. Vito Balić, Jelica Valjalo Kaporelo, asist., red.prof. (T) Vlado Sunko, izv.prof.dr.sc. Ivana Tomić-Ferić, izv.prof. Hari Zlodre, doc.dr.sc. Daniela Matetić Poljak.


  • Kosovka Čudina, v.pred., doc. Gordana Lentić, Dario Maleš, v.pred., Katarina Akrap, asist.
  • Mirjana Nazor, doc.dr.sc. Morana Koludrović, Nenad Šiškov, pred., Katarina Perišić, pred.

Study Programs


Undergraduate Study Program

  • Duration: 8 semesters, 240 ECTS
  • Entry Requirements: passing the State Graduation Exam (Level B) and passing the entrance examination
  • Acquired title: University Bachelor’s Degree in Music
  • Glasovir – Preddiplomski

Graduate Study Program

  • Duration: 2 semesters, 60 ECTS
  • Entry Requirements: completed 8-semester undergraduate study program
  • Acquired title: Master’s Degree in Music
  • Glasovir – Diplomski