About department

Head of department:


  • red. prof. (T), Kažimir Hraste, red. prof. (T), Kuzma Kovačić, red. prof. (T), Matko Mijić, izv. prof. Nikola Džaja, izv. prof. Loren Živković Kuljiš, doc. Vlasta Žanić, viš. pred. Dragan Dužević, laborant Goran Pjaca, str. sur. Krešo Tomasović

Associates from other departments:

  • red. prof. Viktor Popović, izv. prof. Edvin Dragičević, doc. Slobodan Tomić, izv. prof Jadranko Runjić, doc. Veljko Popović, doc. Mirko Pivčević, doc. Gloria Oreb, doc. Blaženka Perica, viš. pred. Barabara Gaj, viš. pred. Danijela Matetić Poljak, viš. pred. Ita Prančević Borovac, pred. Doroti Brajnov Botić, pred. Duško Violić, pred. Toni Horvatić, poslijedoktorandica Sonja Gašperov


  • izv. prof. Tatjana Ravlić Čelić, predavač Miroslav Radeljak, predavač Dalibor Lovrić, asist. Đani Martinić, asist. Dragoslav Dragičević, str. sur.  Goran Balić

Study Programs

Undergraduate Study Program

  • Duration: 6 semesters, 180 ECTS
  • Entry Requirements: passing the State Graduation Exam (Level B) and passing the entrance examination
  • Acquired title: Bachelor’s Degree in Sculpture
  • Program preddiplomskog studija kiparstva

A Holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Sculpture is educated for the independent exposition of his or her work. He or she acquires knowledge and experience in visual art and education through first-hand work in the atelier-workshop. With the individual leadership of professors, graduates develop an artistic sensibility and the ability for independent creative visual expression in various sculpting techniques and painting, graphic design and new media. After completing undergraduate studies in sculpture, students can continue to study after passing the entrance examination for the Graduate degree program in Sculpture, which lasts for two years, or they may, under the same conditions, enroll in the graduate study programs of paintings, visual culture, audio visual art and the design of visual communication.

Graduate Study Program

  • Duration: 4 semesters, 120 ECTS credits
  • Entry Requirements: completed 6-semester undergraduate study program
  • Acquired title: Master’s Degree in Sculpture
  • Program diplomskog studija kiparstva

An undergraduate degree in the field of sculpture is required for enrollment into graduate studies. In addition to students with undergraduate degrees in sculpture, students can also enroll if they have degrees from other art programs at the Arts Academy in Split, as well as from other universities in the Republic of Croatia and abroad, although they are subject to the requirement of passing an entrance graduate exam at the sculpture department.

In the first and second semester of their studies, accepted candidates must take courses which the ECTS Coordinator determined were underrepresented in their previous education.

A Holder of a Master’s Degree in Sculpture is qualified for independent exposition, independently hold classes in professional schools, cooperation with museums and galleries, participation as an expert associate in architectural and stage visual works and presentations.