Design of Visual Communication

About department

The Design of Visual Communication Department, the Arts Academy in Split, was founded in 1997 (the first in the Republic of Croatia to offer individually nominated courses in the field of design in new media (Website Design, Multimedia Technology, Computer Animation)).*

During a decade of work in the field design education, the department developed intense international relationships and actively contributed to the improvement of educational standards in the area: it organized the first international conference on design education in Central and South Europe (Split, 2002), and a roundtable on the state of art design education in Croatia (Split, 2002). The department is a founding member of the education network of an international association of national design associations (the Icograda Education Network). The educational methods and concepts of the department study program were presented at the Icrograda Conference in Brno in 2002, in which the future educational priorities of the member states were harmonized.

Each year, an average of four foreign guest professors hold lectures and workshops at the department. In addition to these lectures, the department has also organized five international design workshops in collaboration with prominent professional designers and European institutions in the field (Istituto Europeo di Design – Rome, KTH – Stockholm, Royal College of Art – London).

In addition to the knowledge gained through the exchange of experience in educational work with foreign partners, the department has developed scientific-research activities in theoretical areas essential for the development of the visual communication field (two scientific projects funded by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, MZOS and the British Council).

The department has the experience of organizing student exchanges at the European level, because even before the official opening of the ECTS credits in the Republic of Croatia, students from the following international institutions attended courses at our department: the Department of Fine Arts at the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff – United Kingdom, Fachhochschule Vorarlberg – Austria. Fachhochschule Vorarlberg has accepted ECTS credits for their students who have attended courses at the department.

The study program is open to the mobility of students in accordance with the principles of the Bologna process.

Certain courses and parts of the program can be attended by institutions with which a Learning Agreement will be signed.

The founder and first head of the study program Design of visual Communication was Mirko Petrić, M.Sc.

* A Principal Cooperation Agreement was signed with the Department of Media Arts, University of Luton, United Kingdom. Interest in signing a Learning Agreement was demonstrated by the Fachhochschule Vorarlberg (Austria).

Head of Department:

Vice head of Department:





  • Dejan Kršić, Associate Professor, Ivica Mitrović, PhD, Assistant Professor, Igor Čaljkušić, Assistant Professor, Nikola Đurek, PhD, Assistant Professor, Ljubica Marčetić Marinović, Assistant Professor, Maris Cilić, Assistant Professor, Mirko Pivčević, Assistant Professor, Jelena Zanchi, PhD, Senior Lecturer, Nikša Vukša, Lecturer.

Associates from other departments:

  • Edvin Dragičević, Associate Professor, Barabara Gaj, M.A., Senior Lecturer, Blaženka Perica, PhD, Assistant Professor, Ita Prančević-Borovac PhD, Senior Lecturer, Maja Khoualdi, Assistant Professor. 


  • Inge Tomić-Koludrović, PhD, Professor, Valerija Barada, PhD, Associate Professor, Darko Stipaničev, PhD, Professor, Andrina Granić, PhD, Professor, Nikola Marangunić,PhD, Assistant Professor, Meri Maretić, PhD, Assistant Professor, Darko Kokić, Lecturer, Oleg Šuran, Assistant, Vicko Vidan, Associate, Daša Mamula, Associate,  Ana Bodrožić, Associate.

Study Programs

Undergraduate Study Program

A holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Design of Visual Communication is capable of independently designing products in all types of visual communication that include static products (the visual identity of a company, posters and illustrations, the design of printed publications).

A holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Design of Visual Communication also acquires the competence to process elements of moving images, or participate in teams involved in making complex technical, design and information products in new media.

Graduate Study Program

Graduated students are trained to carry out a wide range of design jobs in the field of new media, with a special emphasis on web design, off-line multimedia design (CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs), design interactions, and design interfaces.

A Master in Design of Visual Communication is qualified for the independent creation of complex technical, design and information products in new media. He or she can be a team leader in projects that require multidisciplinary collaboration in various areas of new media.