Future of Human Rights Forum (Švicarska) organizira natječaj za mlade umjetnike na temu: Gradovi iz budućnosti, život budućnosti. Natječaj je otvoren do 30. listopada 2014. Uvjeti natječaja i koncept u prilogu.

We are asking young people to use any artistic technique they like, to answer this question and to place particular emphasis on how people would like to see major cities in the future.

We would love to have and to exhibit the art works of talented Croatian students.

What we can offer to them is the international exposure and the possibility  to sell their original work at the price they set.

We remind that this is a three round competition:

For the first round of the competition, artists can submit their work electronically. We will sell prints of the work at our annual conference in December.

If selected for the second round then artists are required to send their original works (we would cover all shipping costs), at which point they would be sold in a Geneva-based art gallery (artists will keep the profits).

Lastly, one additional winner will be selected from this group and they will be eligible to receive a contract with FHR Forum to work on a large-scale multimedia project in 2015.

Please click for more information on our organisation and the conditions of the art competition.