Enrollment into the first year of undergraduate and integrated studies for 2017

Plan of enrollment into the first year of undergraduate and integrated studies for 2017


Conditions for enrolling:

  1. Passing the State Graduation Exam, level B (candidates who complete secondary school in 2010 and later),
  2. Successfully passed the Additional Knowledge, Skills and Abilities exam – all candidates

Applicants must complete two applications:

  • The first application is via the system www.postani-student.hr. Through this system, the State Graduation Exams are submitted (deadline for the application is determined by the Ministry) and applicants choose the study program into which they wish to enroll (selection of the desired program must be made before the second application).
  • The second application is that of the Additional Knowledge, Skills and Abilities exam which the candidate will make at the Academic Registrar of the Arts Academy in Split, in accordance with the General calendar of additional varifications 2017, which can be viewed on the link.

Applicants who have completed a four-year high school prior to the introduction of the State Graduation Exam, or have already passed a state matriculation exam, can also complete their own registration and selection of desired study program through the system www.postani-student.hr even after the deadline for applying the State Graduation Exam. We recommend to do this as soon as possible, i.e. not wait for the last day to choose the preferred study program.

All applicants are required to register through the abovementioned page:

  • applicants who finish secondary school in 2017 or graduated in 2010 or later and have not passed the State Graduation Exam are required to apply for and pass the State Graduation Exams and to choose their desired study program;
  • applicants who have passed the State Graduaion Exam choose their desired study program;
  • applicants who have completed four years of high-school education before 2010 are not obliged to take the State Graduation Exam but are required to choose their desired study program for the purpose of enrollment into the Arts Academy in Split;
  • applicants who completed their secondary education outside the Republic of Croatia must select their desired study progam. Exceptionally, the State Graduation Exams must be submitted only if the student has a state graduation exam in their own country that they have not passed.


We ask all applicants to regularly monitor the web pages of the National Center for the External Evaluation of Education www.ncvvo.hr and www.postani-student.hr, and in case of any confusion or questions regarding the application process please contact one of the following e-mails. info.centar@ncvvo.hr, spu@azvo.hr or the Academic Regristrar, referada@umas.hr.

Enrollment conditions for each study program

Calendar of Additional verification, 2017

Detailed schedule of Additional verification, 2017: Glazbeni odjel


The Application Form for Additional Examination of Skills and Abilities (DPZVS) and the Monologue Song Form, will be available at the Arts Academy in Split, Gripe Fortress, Glagoljaška bb, or can be printed here: Application for the DPZVS 2017, Monologue Song Form 2017

The Application for Additional Verification, with the relevant documents, should be submitted to the Academic Registrar, Fortress Gripe, Glagoljaška bb.

Portfolios and documents sent by mail are not taken into consideration!!!

The Amount of Additional Examination Expenses will be determined later when the University of Split also announces the Official Call for Enrollment:

  • Amount: 300 kn
  • Giro account (IBAN):  HR5223300031100090996
  • Model: HR02
  • Call number: OIB
  • Purpose of payment: troškovi DPZVS 2017


Call for University of Split SCHOLARSHIPS.

Student enrollment in excess of the enrollment quota

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