About the Department

The Conservation-Restoration study program was launched in 1997, when the Arts Academy in Split was founded. In the same year a conservation-restoration study program at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb was launched. These were the first two conservation-restoration study programs in Croatia.

During the academic year 2004/2005, the four-year study program was adapted to the Bologna system of studying. It is conceived as an integrated undergraduate and graduate study program for a term of five years, which ends with the Master of Arts degree / Master of Conservation-Restoration. The study program is jointly conducted by the Arts Academy in Split and the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Split.

The study program offers five specialization tracks: (1) the conservation-restoration of easel paintings and polychromed wood; (2) the conservation-restoration of stone; (3) the conservation-restoration of wall paintings and mosaics; (4) the conservation-restoration of metals; and (5) the conservation-restoration of archaeological materials.

With the acquisition of theoretical knowledge, the study program enables hands-on work on cultural heritage, which ultimately provides a harmonious relationship of knowledge, skills and abilities. This enables graduates to quickly join the community of professional conservators-restorators.

The Department’s employees have permission from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia to work on paintings on various supports, polychromed wooden objects, stone, wall paintings, mosaics and inlays of hard stone, and archaeological and hydro-archaeological material. Conservation-restoration work is performed in workshops and in situ. There are two laboratories in the Department: the Laboratory for Natural Science Research in Conservation-Restoration and the Laboratory for Radiographic Examination.

The Department conducts numerous extracurricular academic activities: it organizes guest lectures by invited professors (especially in good cooperation with the Institute for Conservation-Restoration Science in Cologne), theoretical and practical workshops and scientific and professional conferences. Every three years it organizes the International Conference on Conservation-Restoration Studies. In 2012, the Department organized the first Conservators-Restorers Congress in Croatia.

The Conservation-Restoration Department of the Arts Academy in Split was awarded the Vicko Andrić Award in 2012 for outstanding contribution to the protection of cultural heritage. The Vicko Andrić Award is given by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.

Head of the Department:

  • Mladen Čulić, DA, Associate Professor

Members of the Department teaching staff:

  • Lara Aranza, Associate Professor; Siniša Bizjak, Assistant Professor; Krešimir Bosnić, Lecturer; Mladen Čulić, DA, Associate professor; Ivo Donelli, Full Professor; Katarina Hraste, MSc, Senior Lecturer;  Jurica Matijević, Associate Professor; Miona Miliša, PhD, Assistant Professor; Nikola Radošević, Lecturer; Filip Rogošić, Senior Lecturer; Sagita Mirjam Sunara, PhD, Assistant Professor

Teaching staff from other departments of the Arts Academy:

  • Doroti Brajnov Botić, Lecturer; Dragan Dužević, Senior Lecturer; Barabara Gaj, Senior Lecturer; Toni Horvatić, Lecturer; Joška Tea Katunarić Kirjakov, Senior Lecturer; Danijela Matetić Poljak, PhD, Senior Lecturer; Ita Prančević Borovac, PhD, Assistant Professor; Duško Violić, Lecturer

Teaching staff from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Split:

  • Ivana Anđelić, PhD, postdoctorand; Nada Bezić, PhD, Full Professor; Viljemka Bučević Popović, PhD, Assistant Professor; Marijo Buzuk, PhD, Assistant Professor; Stipe Čubelić, senior laboratory technician; Marijan Krstić, PhD, Expert Associate; Bernarda Lovrinčević, PhD, Assistant Professor; Ivica Ljubenkov, PhD, Assistant Professor; Marijana Mijaković, PhD, Expert Associate; Renata Odžak, PhD, Assistant Professor; Stjepan Orhanović,PhD, Assistant Professor; Maja Pavela Vrančić, PhD, Full Professor; Elma Vuko,PhD, Assistant Professor; Nenad Vuletić, PhD, Senior Instructor; Ines Tomić, Senior Laboratory Technician;  Jelica Zelić, PhD, Full Professor


  • Marin Barišić, Joško Ćurković, Anita Gamulin, Antonija Gluhan, Robert Jozić, Lana Kekez, Marin Kelava, Vinka Marinković, Branko Matulić, Žana Matulić Bilač, Frane Mihanović, Goran Nikšić, Mirta Pavić, Ivana Svedružić Šeparović,  Sandra Šustić, Jelena Tomasović Grbić, Jelena Zagora

Study Program

Integrated Undergraduate and Graduate Study Program

Students in the first year follow the lessons from all five specializations that the study program offers, in the second year they choose two specializations, and in the third opts for one of them. Over the next six semesters students take concentrated theoretical and practical lessons from their selected specialist area. The fifth year of study is devoted to the preparation of Master’s Thesis.

A Master in Conservation-Restoration can be employed in conservation-restoration institutions or in private practice.