interaction design workshop 2011

Project 1: digitalANTIQUE

Project is imagined as a tool, which will connect past and present enabling citizens of Split to say out loud their opinions on local current situation. Technique that we used to find out what is a general atmosphere was to question people of different generations on the streets, in cafés and galleries how they feel about the city.

Hybrid city happens when digital projection meets analog space, through associating people with historical figures interpreting messages on the city walls presenting Split today. By historical figures we mean individuals from different eras who are traditionally respected. For example, Diocletian, Ivan Meštrović, Sigmund Freud, etc. These individuals are representing city spirits who will, by re-living on the walls, ''tell'' people how they feel about city today and so trigger their minds. By projecting sculptures an messages, idea is to make people stop, look, read and re-think.



Workshop leaders: