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Texture of Riva

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About the project

In the early 20th century palm trees were planted on Riva. Since that day, they became a part of Split.

Until the construction of new Riva, people were often laying in front of palm trees and enjoyed their shade on nearby benches.

Today, after the construction of a new Riva, they have not lost their home, but instead changed its context, one part was lost in the labyrinth of low vegetation, inaccessible to human beings, and the other between thickly placed coffee bars.

Each palm has a story that is deeply imprinted in the texture of their trunks.


Marina Mijatović
Studij dizajna — Zagreb

Koraljka Jukić
Primijenjene umjetnosti — Rijeka

Luka Vidoš
Dizajn — Split


Umas DVK