Interaction Design Workshop 2010 Interaction Design Workshop 2010


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About the project

In Roman times, the gates of the Diocletian’s palace were used as part of its fortication system. The palace was built in the time of many enemy breakthroughs from the north and it had three degrees of protection. Today, the situation is completely dierent: all of the entrances to the nucleus of the city are easily accessible and the passersby aren’t aware of them. They perceive them as mere passages. The aforementioned perception is especially connected to the western entrance named Porta Ferrera or The Iron gate. The latter is merged with the city walls becoming an invisible part of an antique monument.

Now it has decided to speak and reinstate its primary function.

The trap is set.

The doors have closed.


Petra Prgomet
visual communications design / University of Zagreb

Anja Sušanj
applied arts / University of Rijeka

Ivan Milas
new media design / University of Split

Martina Vorkapić
applied arts / University of Rijeka


Umas DVK