Interaction Design Workshop 2010 Interaction Design Workshop 2010

Let Me Pass

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About the project

The idea emerged passing trough the street "Pusti me proc", which is the most famous narrow street in Split, trough which is impossible for two persons to pass simultaneously.

The idea was to create a virtual pasage by moving around a wall painted on a sponge trough the streets of Split.

Narrowing the passage we created a new dimension of space that conditions the passangers path.

The goal was not only to make an homage to the street „ Pusti me proc“, but also in some way to create interaction between people.


Ana Opačić
film and video / University of Split

Sara Pavičić
sculpturing / University of Zagreb

Stela Zorić
computer science / University of Split

Goran Šoša
visual communications design / University of Zagreb


Umas DVK