interakcije split interactions

and learning

23 - 28 March 2009

Department of Visual
Arts Academy
University of Split


In our culture there is a custom of naming the institutions of learning after historical figures. Usually the historical figure is commemorated in the form of a statue. In our city that person is us, every citizen of Umasopolis.

We attempted to create a social prompt within the transitory space of our city which would provoke interaction. Our response was to create a game called UMASHUP, an interactive installation that exists in the centre of the transitory space. The installation works in a very simple way. It can capture your image and add it to a data base of student portraits. The portraits are split over four screens, which can be individually rotated to display each of the four sides. The portraits can be mixed to create hybrids of students, professors and university staff. Every time a ‘new citizen’ is created the constructed portrait is captured and added to an ever growing data base of fictional Umasopolis citizens.