interakcije split interactions

and learning

23 - 28 March 2009

Department of Visual
Arts Academy
University of Split


The creative process can be stressful. Many students state that ideas often come to mind in showers or toilets. The toilet can be seen as a personal leisure zone where one goes to get away from distractions. The feeling of being in a space where you control the parameters enables people to solve problems much more easily. The process of brainstorming results in having lots of ideas, many of which may be lost because they appeared to lack potential.

Along with multiple touch screens and the latest gadgets, this toilet installation consists of a toilet shaped chair and toilet paper that can be written on, which is combined with a tablet that stores the information in a database. This allows one’s thoughts to be stored in a digital and physical form. The information is then projected together with other people’s ideas, by flushing, onto the screen in the public space of the leisure zone. A place where people go to relax, relieve themselves, be alone, but also can become a place of discussion.

This project uses the toilet (an object) that helps us get rid of the unwanted by simply flushing it away (as a metaphor). The installation is a reaction to the design process. It has the function of purification of mind but also as a critique of the pointless use of technology (technology driven design, as opposed to user-centered design).