interakcije split interactions

and learning

23 - 28 March 2009

Department of Visual
Arts Academy
University of Split


The Interactive Floor would be positioned in a busy transitory area of the Faculty, for example, the corridor where the students pass every day. It consists of tiles that are sensitive to touch, and Students may stand on these intentionally or unintentionally. Tiles can represent words, colors or numbers.

The system works on the principle that when somebody stands on the first tile, which represents a random chosen word (for example, nouns), these words are printed on the screen. After that, on the floor there would be other tiles connected by grammatical rules (for example, verbs or adjectives), also randomly selected. All words that have been stood on are displayed on the screen, and finally we obtain meaningful sentences. When it comes to color, if the first stepped on is red, then options opening up would be related colors such as blue, green, yellow, and this creates a unique color that is displayed on the screen. In the case of numbers, for example, the first stepped on is a digit then after that will open options of mathematical operations, and then a number again. After that the result automatically appears on the screen.

This concept acknowledges problems such as the atmosphere of learning, which is mostly dull, static, monotonous and not very interesting. Our system would encourage students to be more cheerful and encourage learning through fun. For example, through stepping on certain colors over time, the brain remembers colors that should blend to obtain a certain desired outcome. Playing with words is used for fun and amusement, which is very important for learning.