interakcije split interactions

and learning

23 - 28 March 2009

Department of Visual
Arts Academy
University of Split

Educational Social Spaces

The Brief

Institutions of learning are primarily about the relationships and interactions of the students who populate them. Creative education requires peer to peer learning and communication more than any other type of educational process. What role can interactive technologies play in creating and informing social spaces where intellectual and critical dialogue can take place? Participants are asked to consider the ways in which their own practice and expertise could inform the visualisation and conceptual development of such spaces.

Questions to Consider

  • Who will populate and use the space?
  • What activities take place?
  • What effect would the sustainable design of the new academy building have on it's social spaces?
  • What is the relationship between analog and digital?
  • What role could virtual interactions have?
  • What activities take place?
  • Are aspects of play important to learning?
  • To what extent would local culture inform concepts?


In the week leading up to the workshop, participants should take time to begin considering and researching the relevance and importance of social spaces within creative institutions. Participants may find it useful to collect research material which would inform and provoke initial group discussions and brain storming sessions Such material should be wide ranging and may include anything from examples of work from designers / artists / architects, literary and film references even science fiction. Every participant will present his/hers research findings to the other group members. It will provide a good opportunity to begin to asses what approach you may like to take towards the brief and also to introduce yourself and your specific expertise.