interakcije split interactions

and learning

23 - 28 March 2009

Department of Visual
Arts Academy
University of Split


We believe that every working task should be fun and that every game should be productive. We tried to merge these ideals together and developed our concept of Ballb. We chose a ball shape because it encourages individuals to play and interact.

The product would be multifunctional and could be applied at every level of the educational system, but we have initially developed this concept for higher education level.

The ball displays three colors, one at a time. Every color has debate technique associated to it and acts as a social prompt to help brain storming as it would encourage participants to speak. Another function of the ball transforms voice into text, which appears on the interactive wall as the words are spoken. This would allow for uninterrupted brain storming.

The product attempts to solve the problem of a lack of communications between students and professors and also amongst the students themselves. The project addresses a problem within our school system where by the professors speak and the students are silent