Workshop series on people-centered interaction design

First workshop: Methodology

Department of Visual Communication Design is organizing a series of workshops as introduction to people-centered interaction design in Croatia. Workshops will further promote the interdisciplinary educational approach started with Convivio Summerschool in Split, 2004. (

The first workshop was held from 19th March till 25th March at the same time as the exhibition which presented 10 years work of Department of Visual Communication Design (

The aim of this first workshop was to introduce the user-oriented design processes in practice. The focus was on the design process, including brainstorming, field studies, working on design brief, design workshops with users, finalizing prototypes and testing.

Workshop was organized in two groups, leaded by experienced practitioners from the field, Helena Tobiasson and Bjorn Thuresson from KTH (Royal Institute of Technology), Stockholm, "Center for User Oriented IT Design", HCI group (

The participants were Croatian students from the fields of visual communication design and computer science from University of Split and Zagreb.

Introduction lecture was by Ivica Mitrović (Arts Academy, Split). The guest lecturer was Victor Vina, interaction designer and lecturer from Elisava Escola Superior de Disseny u Barceloni ( He presented his work and approach to the interaction design.

Workshop results were presented on the public presentation on Saturday, 25th of March.

Workshop leaders:

Ivica Mitrović (Arts Academy, Split)
Helena Tobiasson (KTH, Stockholm)
Bjorn Thuresson (KTH, Stockholm)

Process plan

Introduction, brief brainstorming on ideas, set an overall time plan

Research background, collect data, gather facts and explore trough field studies using interviews video, photo, etc...

Choose a concept, what shall we produce/prototype, Detailed design brief, preparation for design-workshop with users.

Progress check and discussion, prototype building.

Wrap-up, finalizing prototype, preparation for the presentation on Saturday, testing prototype in real situation, invite to presentation on Saturday.

Presentation for the users, workshop members and other invited.

Various photos from first day

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