interakcije split interactions

Research and Education

19 - 20 March 2009

Department of Visual
Communications Design,
Arts Academy,
University of Split


A major focus of this event will be on the relationship between research and creative practice and how they can, in turn, inform educational practice. The participants will discuss the state of the art in the field, specially focusing on the recent practices and trends in interaction design education and research at university level.

The event will provide a forum were participants will present their own research/practice experience and explore opportunities for building collaborations and sharing best practice. After presenting their own research/practice experience they will discuss opportunities for building new collaboration links in education, research and practice and identify mechanisms to support practitioners in the nascent field of interaction design. Moreover, they will discuss about experiences with the funding, each one the participants will present their previous collaborations and projects and acquired funding.

In the short term this will assist the group in the identification of shared aims and objectives but in the longer term will ground subsequent discussions concerning the future direction of interaction design research and practice. The event will identify individuals and organisations working in the field of interaction design and seek to build a network around these entities. The network will act as a mechanism for the dissemination of information, the identification of future projects and collaborations and will seek to influence policy makers at a European level.