interakcije split interactions

Research and Education

19 - 20 March 2009

Department of Visual
Communications Design,
Arts Academy,
University of Split


British Council International Networking for Young Scientists (INYS) is a programme for bringing together young researchers from the UK and other countries to make new contacts and promote the creative exchange of ideas through short conferences.

The event would bring together skilled and enthusiastic young specialists/practitioners and researchers (postdoctoral researchers, PhD students who are moving into postdoctoral fellowships) from the leading UK and European institutions that specialise in the area of interaction design.

  • Michael Smyth
    (Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh)
  • Noam Toran
    (Royal College of Art, London)
  • Emanuela Mazzone
    (University of Central Lancashire, Preston)
  • Hazel White
    (University of Dundee, Dundee)
  • Tommy Dykes
    (Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh)
  • Chris Hand
    (Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh)
  • Anab Jain
    (Nokia Design / Superflux, London)
  • Matthew Irvine Brown
    (, London)
  • Marilyn Lennon
    (Limerick School of Art and Design, Limerick)
  • Helena Tobiasson
    (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm)
  • Sus Lundgren
    (Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg)
  • Line Ulrika Christiansen
    (Id-Lab, Milano)
  • Sara BozaniŠ
    (, Lubiana)
  • Reto Wettach
    (University of Applied Sciences, Potsdam)
  • Camille Moussette
    (Umea University, Umea)
  • Andrina GraniŠ
    (University of Split, Split)
  • Nikola MaranguniŠ
    (University of Split, Split)
  • Ivica MitroviŠ
    (University of Split, Split)