interakcije split interactions

Research and Education

19 - 20 March 2009

Department of Visual
Communications Design,
Arts Academy,
University of Split

The event

How do we deal with yet another device? How does technology mediate our dealings with other people? When are such mediations welcome, and when are they just annoying? How do we feel about things that think, and spaces that sense? The new field of interaction design explores these concerns. The more that interactive technology mediates everyday experience, the more it becomes the subject matter for design.

In response to these challenges the Department of Visual Communication Design, Arts Academy, University of Split will host a two day meeting of leading young European practitioners and researchers from the field of Interaction Design. Up to twenty leading young practitioners and researchers and from the fields of art, architecture and design who share a common desire to exploit the latest computing technologies and interactive techniques in their creative practice will participate in this event. They aim of the event is to discuss state of the art in the field its relation to education practice and to establish new networking possibilities for the future projects and collaborations. In short, to provide the focus not evident within the traditional disciplines.